P.Kesavadev Trust was formed in the year 2001 in memory of late P.Kesavadev, the world renowned novelist, short story writer, social reformer, freedom fighter and eloquent orator whose name and works are closely linked to his history of evolution of modern Kerala.

This is a charity organization actively involved in literacy activities, promoting and preserving health and social and mental well-being of the economically backward population in the state of Kerala and elsewhere.

The major annual literacy event organised by P.Kesavadev Trust since 2005 is the P.Kesavadev Awards.



The highly prestigious P Kesavadev Diabscreen Kerala Award has been instituted to recognize consistent efforts in imparting public health education.

You may apply if you feel that the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Public health education efforts for more than a decade

  • The applicant need not be a medical professional

  • The health education efforts should be based on scientifically proven facts and non-controversial

  • The person should be active in his profession and have his presence known through print/visual/social media

In the previous years, award winners were selected based on specific criteria by the award committee and it can be an exceptionally good effort or work, for eg: a drama to promote awareness on dengue, magic to promote awareness on diabetes etc. These were chosen by the award committee to recognize and encourage distinguished efforts.

The award committee has been receiving hundreds of entries every year from authors of articles and books on some illnesses, addictions or disasters. It is to be noted that this alone doesn't qualify for award unless it is unique, currently relevant and is being widely promoted in any one of the media.

We invite entries from healthcare professionals, nurses, journalists, artists etc. who believe that they are directly or indirectly involved in consistent and highly effective efforts in public health education.