well known rebel in life and literature exponent of progressive malayalam literature for the first time in the history of Malayalam literature introduced poor working class as heroes and heroines.
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P. Kesavadev born in 1904, is the best known literary figure in Malayalam. He created a milestone in the history of Malayalam literature, where the peasants, Beggars, farmers prostitutes etc became heroes and heroines. His child hood and youth were punctuated by the changes that occurred around him and his speeches and writings reflected his earnest anguish against social injustice and communal discrimination. He lived approximately 80 years of which half was pre independent and latter post independent period in the Indian history. Kesavadev's childhood was a time when casteism was practiced rigorously. Distraught at the customs and taboos, young Kesavan abandoned studies and left home when he was barely 14. He didn't study beyond middle school. But he could read whatever he could gather and that instilled in him a tendency to revolt against oppression, the less privileged class where subjected to. Though born in a feudal family, Kesavapillai joined Aryasamaj and changed his name to Kesavadev, so that his name has became un indicative of his superior caste. He is better known as an excellent orator, than a writer, and his speeches were so rich and unique in its content and presentations. He was imprisoned several times. From the knowledge he gathered through bitter life events and extensive traveling, he became a prolific writer. Dev got very little time to write but whatever he has written, has added to the depth and variety of Malayalam literature and Culture. Dev was a rebel in his life fighting against social injustice and caste inequalities and in literature against established customs and conventions.
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