P.Kesavadev passed away on the 1st of July 1983. He was accorded a funeral with State Honours.

Kesavadev left behind his wife Seethalekshmy and son Jothydev who was at that time a child of hardly sixteen. They continue to reside at Lekshmy Nilayam, built by Kesavadev in 1965. Lekshmy Nilayam was the hub of literary and cultural activity till Dev’s demise.

The street where the house is located is named “P.Kesavadev Road”, by the Trivandrum Corporation in honour of the illustrious writer.

For Seethalakshmy and son Jothydev the years that followed Dev’s demise were of trials and tribulations. Seethalekshmy faced the adversities with unusual courage and knack.

Mrs Seethalekshmy Dev has already proven her ability for creative writing while Kesavadev was alive. Her first work “Kesavadev Ente Nithya Kamukan”, is a poetical account of her days with Kesavadev. “Kesavadevinoppam Seetha” and “Nombarangal”
are autobiographical works. “Aaradhika”, “Neermizhipookkal”, “Rekha Pillayude Mandarakuttan” are the Novels written by Smt. Seethalakshmy Dev. These books were well received by readers and critics alike.” Paditcha Kallanmar”, was a bold attempt by Seethalekshmy Dev to complete the Novel by adding twenty Chapters to the four Chapters already written by Kesavadev.

The room on the top floor of the home used by Kesavadev offers a picturesque view of the eastern part of the city. The room is kept exactly as Dev had left it. One can find Dev’s pen, his black rimmed spectacles, and his desk, his easy chair, his “Vettila Chellam” and his collection of books.

Kesavadev’s son Jothydev, despite adversities excelled himself in his studies. He did his MBBS and MD from Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum and had his fellowship training in Endocrinology from Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA. He is presently the CEO and Director of Jothydev’s Diabetes and Research Center, Mudavanmugal, Trivandrum.
He has several scientific publications and presentations (American Diabetes Association) to his credit. He has been a speaker at more than 150 CME programmes both in India and abroad. He has conducted more than 300 diabetes detection and awareness camps along the length and breadth of Kerala on behalf of Diabscreen Kerala, a project of P. Kesavadev Trust. He has written more than 500 articles on diabetes and public health. He was honored by “forum for better television” for completing 500 diabetes awareness programmes in the television. He also received an award from “Humanity in Unity”, USA for his pioneering efforts in telemedicine in diabetes care. His areas of research include Diabetes Tele Management System, real time glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, diabetes in the geriatric population etc. Jothydev is married to Sunitha and they have a son by name Krishnadev (10years) now studying in Standard 5th at Loyola School.

The family maintains two Websites, www.jothydev.net
and www.kesavadev.net

Immediate Family Members residing in Trivandrum
Mrs Kesava Dev - Seetha Lakshmy Dev( 0471 - 2347878)
Kesava Dev's son -Jothydev.Kesavadev( 0471 – 2346200, 2356200)
Kesavadev’s Grandson - Krishnadev Jothydev (0471 -2356200)
Kesavadev's sister Janaki's daughter
Saraswathy Amma (0471-2321318)

Seethalekshmy's brother
Vijayalayam Vijaya Kumar (daughers Yamuna, Maya)
Seethalakshmi's Sisters-Vasanthakumari, Chandramathy
Sister-in-law -Chellamma (Nirmala) (2358090)
Brothers- in- laws - Purushothaman (son P.V.Anand)
Viswambhara Das (2473140) (son-Krishna Chandran)

Mrs Jothydev Kesavadev –Sunitha Jothydev ( 98474 44442)
Sunitha's Father- A.Jayapalan (98461 28688)
Mother- Kumari S. Sarala
Sister- Aiswarya Menon

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