Contemporaries of P.Kesavadev

Nineteen forties was the period when art and literature achieved new dimensions. The craft of fiction in general underwent a drastic change during this period. The emphasis was shifted to the portrayal of the realities of life around. The writers showed extraordinary courage to reexamine the existing values and to give expression to their desire for change. This trend, laying emphasis on the realities of life vehemently criticised the prevailing social norms. This new awakening paved the way for Malayalam fiction to forge ahead. P. Kesavadev and his contemporaries, Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer and Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai are considered the exponents of progressive Malayalam Literature. They enriched our language and literature by their short stories and Novels.

Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer (born1906)

Basheer became a popular writer with novel Balyakala Sakhi (1944). Basheer was a social critic in his writings aiming at the weakness of the Muslim Community. 'Enttuppuppakkoranendarunnu', 'Mathilukal', Pathummayude Aadu, are his popular Novels. These and his other novels as well as short stories reveal the subtlety of his craft. Basheer writes short and crisp sentences. His naive humour is romantic. In short Basheer played a significant role in the new era of fiction.

Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai (born1912)

Thakazhi started his literary career as a short story writer. "He has an unerring eye for the telling detail and in his best stories he makes use of this effect by using a simple unadorned style". One of his earliest novels "Randidangazhi" which projected a marked difference in the theme proved a success. Many of his novels deal with material disparity brought in by capitalism, and the struggle of the oppressed class. "Chemmeen" which deals with the illicit love of Karuthamma and Pareekutty, not only appeals to finer emotions but also provides an insight into the life of the fisher folk. 'Enippadikal', Kayar' are his other works.



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